We are property
We belong to something.
Once upon a time,
Earth was a no-man's land.
Other worlds explored
And colonized it
And fought among themselves
For the control of it.

One of them had won,
And others were warned off.
The masters don't have us
In high regard
They consider us just like
Pigs, cattle or chicken
And they keep us divided
To mantain us subdued

(Whispered:)Your flag doesn't matter
Many nations, under any creed
Divided we would fail
But united we have a chance
(Whispered:) Colour of skin doesn't matter,
Beneath we are all the same
Apart we would perish
But together we will win

We had been keept in shadows
Spiritual truths had been twisted
It's time to wake up and know
What they have done.
New world order is a lie.
They want you to fight,
For religion, for land,
For imaginary freedom

[Chorus:] x2
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Prison Planet Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Prison Planet Lyrics