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Last Flight Home Lyrics

Silas – Last Flight Home Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Thinkin' bout the summers that had just passed
Was working 6 years for somethin' that ain't last
And that flight home had me thinking, shit..
Like did I jump the plank? Or just abandon ship?
Or do god have this written out like manuscripts
Felt heavy in the wrong, thoughts driven in a song
Like why the fuck he got a deal?
When I'm the one that's hunting and he's looking like the veal
This ain't a piece of cake picture standing in my place
You thinking that you knew me all you did was give a plate
I'm calling out bullshit and throwing down my ace
Was driving down Goshen figured my ass wasn't safe
They out here killing people everyday for couple dollars
And you ain't claim your city, so I'll son you like a father
Crazy how those tables turn
Hope that y'all just live and learn
I'll make my own destiny
And swear my life would never burn

And I, I just really wanna make it there
The thoughts just gotta wait some years
For you I'm gonna make it clear
I, I just really gotta make it there, if you ain't ever knew me
Don't be acting like you take it there, I!

[Verse 2]
This life just been feeling like it's a long task
Like coming out a struggle of a dark past
Could go deep in the story but it's off track
So I'll just keep it simple and break off half
People love assuming that you made
Like I ain't grow up 'round no section 8
My mama was denied cause the credit wasn't straight
And we ain't have no money so the streets my only place
Not even from the hood, but I love it either way
Learning from my uncle that everything round me fake
Can't even talk to father, so why the fuck should I bother?
I'm trynna make a family and gave my lady the promise
These people only love you when you looking like a baller
Seems my luck drew short, thinking 'bout the days
When we puff Newport's
Was sitting on a porch with only visions of allure..
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