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Absence Lyrics

Silas – Absence Lyrics

[Verse 1: Silas]
I'm just trying to find a way
I notice you got by today
Problems in your life make you think
God don't even watch you pray
You sit down and just recollect
Some thoughts that make you feel depressed
That absence of your son father
Just had my heart on decompress
I see myself so much in him
Probably why your world spin
And ima' be right here right now
Until this fucking world end
And popo rush me and my cousin
This one for my little brothers
Absence made me stronger to my own which I [?]

Locked up in the [pain?]
Same shit just a different day
Hope you know I miss you but right now this what [?] say
Everything you love is everything you can succeed in
Don't let that absence break you down
We changing like the seasons
Reminiscing back to park swings every fucking weekend
The only one believe in [?]

Wrote this here with initiative
For the people that been listening
Know all about my life and know that shit ain't all that we can give cause

I don't look too much, I got an absence
And I don't care too far, I'm just laughing
See I don't love too much, I'm staying passive
If you can't live this life, then why you practice

[Verse 2: Silas]
Ay yo, I'm waking up
No money in my pockets
Thought about my plans and the shit that's always stopping
Low down, dirty, life was always hurting
My family don't no give a fuck
[?] so close to giving up
I know the, know the
Said I know that fucking pain
Living in your heart, but you wanna make a change
Lead you down to better days
We smoke while they meditate
I showed them, showed them
Uh its weight upon my shoulders
Livin' in a city like mine
I swear it make you bolder
My older homie died, hit and run
I'm getting colder
Hope you sing about me from the [?]
This shit a curse and a gift
I'm bringing hell-fire but I swear it's heaven sent

Money money, na uh
No murder murder
Heard it all the time
No my heart can't hold this burden
Pills in my pocket, I gotta stop it
Selling bars happiness [?] I thought the image got me
I move along, I move along
So many problems got me terrified at home
Wonder what the fuck is happening all in this world
I need a record deal cause my shorty need a pearl
They can't hold my grittiness, fire built that's evident
The boys that run the streets, gun blazing kept me relevent
I know know, know whats wrong what we doing here[?]
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