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Def 2 Ego Lyrics

Silas – Def 2 Ego Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
This shit is on some 2015 shit for real
Death to ego, death to ego
Mhm, mhm
Yeah, ight

[Verse 1]
Look, death to ego for my people
I'm 21 and I done seen some shit that's lethal
My homie in the pen for some shit he did was evil
I'm writing with a pen for some shit I did thats evil
Do angels really fly? Bitch I shoot 'em out the sky
Riding around GBerg dog I'm feeling like a villain
And my momma ain't got money so I just feel like killing
Lil Anthony, you riding with me, riding with me
Buddy buddy threw that gun inside the muddy though
Cause you know what they gon' do when they get muddy hoe
I got a passion for paper, pussy, dog you know it's bout problems
Say it once you know I got 'em, that nicotine and narcotics
So tell me who got farther
The on inside the cell or the one who's making projects
They singing like Adele when they caught up with some problem
I wanna make a change so I jot it
You riders don't really give a fuck though

Killing that fucking ego cause that's just the death of anybody, and everybody
Straight up
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
What I gotta do to prove myself to all these people?
My ego's stricken, I'm never bitching so pay attention
I seen it glisten, I wonder why I been on this mission
I know my limit, I know the passion, I know who listens
On this record I'm reflecting, no need for lessons
You try and check me I send a message, don't get offended
I feel the pressure on these late nights when I feel the leverage
I count my blessings every fucking day
Thinking back to the Genesis
Not rapping for the fame but I flame motherfuckers when they all up in my lane in LA
They can't fuck with me, no never boy, no not today
I'm probably the greatest so you know I gotta say
All you motherfuckers better go and bow down
You know I make the crowd wild, you always let the crowd down
Sometimes you really gotta let your ego die
Sometimes I wonder if that's why you'll never fly
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