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In Tune Lyrics

Silas – In Tune Lyrics

Yeah (3x)
You are now in tune
Yeah, you are now in tune
Go look to the star and we land by the moon
Yeah, you are now in tune, yeah
Yeah, you are now in tune yeah

[Verse 1]
No maś to the bitches that can hate us
But I fill up on the budget with a pay stub
Motherfucker seen me through the smoke, in the basement
Seen a lot of bullshit and I seen it in they faces
Take ‘em back to days when they said I couldn’t make it
Red Hot Chili Pepper, “Californication”
I was out here everyday in the pavement
I was out here like when will they pay me?
This is 08’ like Ye’ with “Amazing”
“Hearing all that bass” said the other fucking bass head
Chilling out in Germantown, holdin' on a burner now
Runnin’ from a murder scene like, you ain’t ever heard a sound?
Fuck it, I was in a zone, too busy with the other shit to hold up on the chrome
Hit ‘em like hol’ up
Get ‘em on the roll up
Shot a motherfucker down cause he was a poser

Like everyday we was out here anyway
Concrete jungle hesitate
Just so you know we don’t play, aye

Said the pace so slow
And you fuckin’ up my flow
So the peso, low



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