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Outro Lyrics

Silas – Outro Lyrics


I wonder if you're here wonder if you know I hope that you can see all that I will be cause I been on my own so far away from home tell me if I'm wrong tell me where to go!


I wrote that with my last bit of faith record that one verse hope that all will relate it's funny with my sentences I put myself in space I just dropped The Genesis steady hoping that I make your mama proud and Logic proud my phone ringing oh wait. Book a flight straight out to LA got that drive like this shit valet but these fears up in my mind got me spun out that shit is ballet but I know I got that flow I got that heart to make it happen just a young man grindin what the fuck could keep me happy said that jewelry ain't fooling me but the label said it's cool to be something that ya not but this is something that would flop I seen the popo go to pop and homies locked down on the block while mama boyfriend selling rocks and stole that money from my pot I done moved out on my own I hope that GOD Pick up the phone cause I been distant for so long I see this blessing and I’m gone but i wonder what would happen if I stayed with you for long I just


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