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My Heart Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – My Heart Lyrics

Momma wanna retire
It’s only right I go hard
Do Anything For Her
Thats my mothafuckin Heart
Grandma told her daughter she gave birth to a star
Same one used to rob, same one stole cars

[Verse 1: 3 Glizzy]
Momma sell dope for our pampers
Now her son shining in front of the cameras
When I was 5 i seen my first phantom
Give me 2 years Im gonna put you in that phantom
Grandma’s youngest grandson
Got it out the mud, diamonds dancing
Glizzy Gang bitch ain't jamming
Put in overtime, every night Im vamping
I let momma meet my bad bitch
Bullet almost hit me, I was baby
That shit turned me into a savage
Future looking bright for somebody that never had shit
Crowd singing every line, they even know my ad libs

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Shy Glizzy]
I love my momma dearly
Shout out to my granny
We come from the gutter
Now we got a nanny
Made it out the struggle
Don’t need no fuckin grammy
My niggas my brothers
Glizzy gang we family
We gonna be alright
Yea thats light?
Thuggin with my brother for his whole damn life
Corvet with the stripe
Paint it white
Pull up in the driveway til my bitch cut off the lights
Til my bitch cut off the lights
Pull up in the driveway til my bitch cut off the lights
I just hit a jugg for a couple hundred thou
Hit my momma up told her we moving out of town

[Chorus x2]

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