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Do It Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Do It Lyrics

Uh, Young Jefe Homes, This is how ya do it (x2)
Young Jefe Homes, Wooo !

[Verse 1 : Shy Glizzy]
Hunnit Band play i walk around with it
You get a hundred k and you go drown with it
Stupid ass boy, I Keep them Rounds with me
Big Stupid Toys, they go outta town with me
Im Rocking Fucking awesome, Im So Fucking Awesome
This Here For trappers only, shoutout to them bosses
Since i cut down on friends, I Cut down on my losses
Here Glizzy go again bitch I'm randy mossing
F-U-C-K 12 F-U-C-K 12
All snitches go to hell F-U-C-K 12
F-U-C-K 12 F-U-C-K 12
Boy How the fuck you tell know you heard of bail

[Hook: Shy Glizzy]
This Is how you do it (X10)

[Verse 2 : Danny Seth]
I could switch it tell you how I’m about to kill it
Man I’m so over the gold I’m on my sterling silver
Me and Glizzy, sipping fizzy, I isn’t feeling sober
Tell that bitch to bend it, Jay Z, man I’m talking Hova
Man I’m talking Hova, got some rocky in my nose-a
And I only fuck my side bitch if my house like where I wear my loafers
Nerd boy the way I'm posing
Jewish with the money, brother call me Moses
She could part the seas, so oh so good at blowing
But she isn’t sucking, I ain’t fucking man she gotta know this
I rep my city, no if and buts about it
Like a bezel man I keep my round me

[Hook: Shy Glizzy]
This Is how you do it (X10)

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