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Pilot Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Pilot Lyrics

[Hook: Shy Glizzy}
I fell in love with girl and she back
All we do is hit mall and get high
She said killing this nigga no lie
And my shoes got wings lets fly
I don't need a stylist I'm a pilot

{Verse 1: Shy Glizzy}
Glizzy whats your address
Saks fifth avenue told your bitch come and get whatever she want to
Jessup red bottoms
Shoe don't wear prada,
Nigga fuck your gucci
We do balenciaga
This right here versace
Momma call me papi
Had to switch the style up
Sorry you can't copy
Sold all my cocaine
Took a bitch to Jefferey's
She ask me what was real name
Told that bitch Jeffery
Im everything he not
I rock my jeremy scott
Streets hottest younging god damn im so hot
Me and trinidad james glizzy gold gang
Now take off everything and put on my gold chain


[Verse 2 : Trinidad James]
Grab them Bags girl. im saying you didn't pay nothing you can't for no bag

Its gold game james and my young nigga shy glizzy
Rep the A town man my dc niggas with me (Wasup Cobain)
Niggas wonder james how yall get so fly
I say our scotts came with wings and we dont even try
If glizzy bring them bitches then bitches going be B bi
And when we hit them bitches man we tell them bitches bye B gone
Fick niggas im on
Most of yall niggas be ho man
J's fake they homemade
Play straight
But yall niggas gay
I penetrate in your main dame
Cum straight in her Chanel chain
I'm to fly she dont complain
To fly to come plain
These shoes why they don't complain
That glizzy gold gang campaign bitch

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