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Overnite Celebrity Nite Lyrics

Sherman – Overnite Celebrity Nite Lyrics


Don't buy dreams for no sell outs
Set the place in a queen and kings royal
Past the urbs past his chick an I'm diamonds
Famous like stars now you come knockout my shine out because it's over night
It's celebrity night uh x


Uh I know I generation have us bais to romance and it's fuck that shit more
Often but I got u open like the Usa postal Indian and Irish ur main culter
Feathers and in memory to old famous picture I swear u is a one hell fine
Ass monalisa and girl if you keep talking that shit I just might say u the
Wife type put a ring on u aww would like that u would like that and them
1800 shot got u faded everytime I say a word on this couch I get her bring
Her body just right back then yea mom going head and do that dancex2 I got
Her clappin on me bands to maker dance I hope this aint want those forever
Things u know like I hate u then it's I want u and maybe later can I come
Thru becuz that's that shit I don't like cuz I'm ballin to easy and I'm about
Them presidents like pose in picture while cheesin


Uh and I know she love sherman but I don't love these hoes back say you want
Me then love, me and still cheat on me I'm sorry I'm just think back about
This girl name cartherine Real passionate towards her beauty and always
Feel the to play like angel no strings no motive when it's bout to go down I
Use to knock her lightouts like shortage blow yea and when we argue baby I'm
Tried to be nice about the situations cuz you know help so macn it's was all
Ways on me like I'm going for it on 4 and inches and for that money I tell
Her can't stop what's poppin yall
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