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Dear Me Lyrics

Sherman – Dear Me Lyrics


Dear me dear me dear dear me is they looking for me the last murder words


Uh birth buy alethea raise buy the huslta

Don't lift weight but I go rum when it comes to that work American muscle

Dark shades keep the hatters off me

And the guap keep the bitches on me

Gift like the day of Christmas

A imma dog and my girl her explicit

And they say I spit from my vains well vice verser I leave blood on ur

I'm such a young Ceo I'm all bout a dollar man they can't coast with sherman
They buns be wanting walk with sherman

If u pimpin u know the game pimp holla

I ball harder then any baller

I say fuck ur sister and ur mother and throw up a mind finger to ur father

And me on that papper harder then pen out the ink I go rude bets to believe
The only trust her get is days on the bed animal pit fight I cruel her and

And for u lame as dudes them my lines ring on ringers while catchin her in
A mood swing I'm sumthin to they Virgina marry


Two street signs forever will I remain that

And I'm only 20 so Define me as rest on nife who is that now let's bring
Air Jordan 9 on me in the usa

Look her call me the money man got get money man

I only see her when I want our relationship is a one stand

Rep party on the beach her put it on I'm bang in that ass affliaied as them
Soldier over sea in the usa

They say he got rhyme they say he got flow well her like Sherman whateva

These gossip groups call me

Sherman up in here that's shit they dint like

Fuck with me wrong shugu night

(Stop beat) and them jurssjc guns give you a jussic straring role to the
Emergency room like chris pratt

And man that's addictict to her smoking body and kitte cat

And yea can't you tell sr don't care

Dark shades for the hater so I can't see in my rear barely

Keep it real with my swagger don't jump the pass broom please sorry honey I
Been treasury department marry

How sweet I'm going out I'm talking take care but now aint nuffun was the

And two pussy cherry o don't speak on

I'm like fuck it and imma bad mother fucker the man of the year

He denfinly aint in this world imma bout auto not rappin bitch and rappun
Bout bitch

Imma killing like all mobster know I give out death wishes

But let me get back business at hand

A devil in a dress and if she sleeping on me I put put her fire out storm
The weather make it rain on the ladies on camera action I cut with her to
The marriot us call that booking but I bag her like macys uh


Dear me dear me dear me dear me is they looking for me the last murder
Words was
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