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Exotic Cenederella Lyrics

Sherman – Exotic Cenederella Lyrics


Extoic cenderella on that stripper pole i lose my mind while her reading in
Circle extoic cenderella on that stripper pole all want is a day Extocie
Cenderella stripper you bad woman with god woman intenision huh extoic
Cenderella on that stripper pole i think its you i really gotta have.

Uh, tie my hands, lay my conudion in mood okay I got you holding
Secret secret is I went to a life savior I got caught swiming in my own
Water pool that's that's money monster power, man tell them all us go
Ganster Tony Montana, wrong turns only feel better with the right one I
Can't see yourself execuse shades in this dark room, I do a lot I say
Whateva swag is they resistance so its me they talk about when them female
Spouse look for better
Polo shorts polo pants andj thinking Im that sugar that sweet over night go
Ask the nieghboors, i travel to know good man I ball to not stunt
Broken promise change some you dudes to freeze up
Throw a judge on my lifestlye young and restless every week day is pay me
Til I cash out
If you the money then imma check to reality kill the fake smoke these rats

Catch a case then beat the trial
Yea life after death
Life sitting in a casket
Play the role of a fake get a new family without the family you bastard

Additional that stripper subtract that ice on that birthday suit
I feel nuffin I touch the green
Option a the center no such thing as star 69

Jack the price sign
Carry the holly
Run the city
Turn a bun into a personals
Now strip so exotic
Now pop to that forgiven language
You dealing out yourself
I'm on the right lane
Shake the left til bad on the right have organism
Her say know I crash into that China wall
Imma bullet in virgina traffic

Hit man at a balerr arena setting

See you on them tippy toes stripper pole

Rules don't apply I throw trust funds catch these 6 guys
Pop a bottles pop a cherry

I show im that's a surprise in a gene

Til her rest in peace her feel me
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