[Verse 1: Shawn May]
Shit, I wanna become a legend
Steady writin' lyrics since a nigga was 11
Being isolated, I ain't never had a choice
Now it's time for the people to hear the pain in my voice
I know a nigga constantly curse But these typical fuck rappers steady makin it worse
These people steady mad but I'm just being terse
Y'all just can't understand me
You niggas can't stand me so [Verse 2:]
Can't nobody fuck wit my top notch flow
They steady wonderin' how a nigga be gettin' it though
I'm steady makin' this dough
You makin' it? No
I'm focused on music, I got my mind in control niggas started wakin' up, it's a miracle
People need to listen up, steady satirical
Homie just bein' lyrical
What you been hearin' though?
This is The unmastered Mixtape, the intro

This is death
Puttin' niggas in check
Nigga gettin' his check
Movin' on the next
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The UNmastered Mixtape - Intro Lyrics

Shawn May – The UNmastered Mixtape - Intro Lyrics