Now why the fuck you niggas copyin' me
It ain't no fuckin' need for any replicas, B
I rap low
Yeah I rap slow
For the degenerate, desperate fuck niggas that will seek entertainment
Could you explain it?
A nigga a inspiration
When niggas see me, they rather be duplicatin'
Always bitin' my lyrics or always stealin' my beats
Our generation has fallen, you people are blind to see
Yet you niggas be wearin' shades since you hide away from the truth
You always fabricate every time you step in the booth
Nigga I'm Dedicated, you people don't need proof
That I have my own shit, you could fill my shoes
My music really matters, I wanna be with the group
Indigo Squad, yeah nigga, we be the troop
We stagin' a fuckin' coup in the game
With some lyrics that always will drive a nigga insane
Eradicatin' the lames
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Bites Lyrics

Shawn May – Bites Lyrics