[Verse 1]
Sorry for the explicit
It's kinda my fuckin' gimmick
Now let me finish this sentence
Before I turn to a menace
Like Dennis, I'm steady sinnin'
Wishin' for a beginnin' to end
The desperation my niggas was forced to live in
I'm killin' my opposition
Lookin' for competition
You brave enough for the mission?
Me killin' you niggas was my intention
Now I got yo attention
I'm feelin' like Ernie Hudson when nigga was slime grippin'
Just steady slippin'
I'm power trippin'
Don't get it twisted
You people really just need to listen
I'm bein' coherent
You niggas statin' the facts
Well the fact of the matter is
You fuck rappers is whack
You don't know what a lyric is
Nigga reignin' supreme
Mr. King, I'm finishin' up yo dream
I really know what it means
I'm meanin' to be a legend--
Oh shit
Rollin' that lucky 7, a chance to get into Heaven

[Verse 2]
Now what you people expect
From a nigga who tryna become the best
I'm puttin' you all to rest
You can thank me later
Niggas find relief that I'm takin' care of the haters
Nothing was the same since be comin' a motivator
The ratchets have increased, ratchicity's been peaked
Martin shakin' his head while Malcolm kickin' his feet
We failed the generation of wise niggas you see?
All this fuckin' hate in the world, people be hurtin'
One thing's for certain
The Devil certainly lurkin'
Cuz there's a certain amount of sinners who's not precautious
Fuck it

[Outro: Edo Wens/The Interview]
They say life's supposed to be many things, they put a title on it but, what do you think the real meaning of life is?
Um, I don't think life has a firm definition
I think life has many definitions and whatever life means to you helps describes you a person and a human being

Edo, what's up?
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