What do I know
What have I learned most
Does father Christmas
Still wear a red coat
But mutya buena
I know your clever
Can you get Keisha and Siobhan
Back together

Keisha and Siobhan
How far are you apart
Do you send each other
Christmas cards
Keisha and Siobhan
It's never to late

You've just reached
A stalemate

Stalemate over
Mood improved
Mutya interview
On you tube
She's telling Lorraine
From gmtv
She'd love to reform
The original three

Keisha and Siobhan
Friends again
Mutya fixed it
For 2010
The press ask how
In such short time
3 bags of cheese and onion
And 3 bottles of wine
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Keisha Siobhan Mutya Lyrics

Shaun Burns – Keisha Siobhan Mutya Lyrics