Verse 1
I'm at the end of another day
A few more dreams have gone astray
I go to my diary and I say
That I'm happy in my own way
And I write down bits of advice
That add up to a sheltered life
But deep down I think I know
I'm just reaping what I sew

Verse 2
I've been lying on my bed thinking aloud
About past days that made me proud
You know the days when you yearn for the past
But what's the saying nothing lasts
As you get older you start to think
Dreams can be over as fast as a blink
And I start to wonder where it went to
Because I started out with potiental

Verse 3
In the morning I'll make a start
I'll find a girl to break my heart
Or maybe find one to care for
With less baggage than manchester airport
I don't want to be missunderstood
I've got a face only me mother could love
But I'll contuine to say
That I'm happy in my own way

Verse 4
I'm about to beat a retreat
I'm hitting my bedroom for the next 2 weeks
But that's the place that makes me say
That I'm happy in my own way
I'm soon back thinking aloud
Going 10 rounds with a big black cloud
In this mood I should think a bit
I'll have the answers when I sleep on it

Repeat verse 1
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Happy In My Own Way Lyrics

Shaun Burns – Happy In My Own Way Lyrics