I'm having a go
You can't blame me
At writing a song
For amy
But before I make
My start
I better warn you
I'm no mozart

I only watched you yesterday
The smile on my face won't go away
You had that talent
That can't be taught
A promising life was cut so short
You where just a young lady
Living a dream

Trying to take in everything

Make a wish I got told
So I wish amy would grow old
Not all wishes I know come true
But they help when you feel blue
Can I cheat and make another
I'll send one to amys mother
Did your daughter do you proud
Mum and dad shout it aloud

The whole of her life seemed ahead
But fete stepped in instead
Now your gone
But never forgotten
Your the answer
When I feel rotten
Just a young lady who went so far
Rest in peace because your a star
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A Song For Amy Lyrics

Shaun Burns – A Song For Amy Lyrics