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(Chorus: Scarub)

It's matters of the heart that rip you apart

Then stop you before you even start

To provide the rules of the chart

Hours glasses you each

Hour that passes you by

You wondering why

Why are you even wasting your time

Following whats in between the shoulders

Instead of whats going on in the mind

It's matters of the heart

That keep your eyes open in the dark

Waiting up late for that love one or the wife or husband to come home

When you know they're probably roaming the town

Getting down with some other clown

Screwing around

And when they do you accept their mouth full of excuses

No matter how crazy they sound

It's matters of the heart that keep you high on hoping

Hold you down

(Verse 1: Scarub)

I've heard it all before

Never no more

Save your breath

No one left

Just waiting for the sun to rise

Don't be surprised when I'm gone

Out the front door no looking back

Truth is what you lack

How you gonna mess around behind my back

And then tell me that I'm wrong

I've heard half ofyou to break vines

Seen the other side with my own eyes

Didn't want to believe What I saw

It makes no difference if you apologize

The nerve to play me for a follie figure

Extra ounce of melancholy

As if you were to be concerned

The lesson I learn

Is that you gotta be the first to burn

Don't get charred, boiled, foiled, disgrunted as ash that was once something

You gotta be the first one no matter the person

Rehersing the words when you wake up in the morning

Or taking and heart aching hallucination of that lover by your side

Stop faking yourself taking yourself for a ride

It's suicide or and it's slow and it doesn't soothe whats on the inside

Where the real men hide

Practicality and let their fellings fill them up

But less then their emotions to spoil

Like lotion and body oil

Covering up the fucked that was always there

Becoming open minded

You just may be down with your soul mate but because your behind it

Many times people mistake lust for love

But don't see the truth because they blinded

It's matters of the heart that take up all your time

And you can't rewind it


[Verse 2: Eligh)

What matters to me the most is like honesty is the best policy

Like policies crack between your mullers

A mess can be made of a situation'

Negativities involved and argument

Between two partys that's escalated in enciroments

Like muscles that pump blood through your entire leg of mind state

Get up and get what makes you content

Sit up straight and admit to the shit

Facts been proven a million to one times

Over make it heated in discussion

When in the function unsoberly

Actively action packed in matters of the heart

Lies in deciete of crutins meeting you in the dark

Florescent letters addressed to you

Wrapped in a sweater colder then sickness

Mold in a pickle to keep the message sour

Competition is not my for te

To me this world is my ash tray

For what matters inside is love and art and happiness

Holding on to the pain drags you down

Weight in the shoulders easy to release

Easy to be deceased by the beast

Talking shit straight to the heart

Causes your chances to increase

Honesty, consistent, resistent to uglyness

And other kiss designed to sense a weakness

Crushed under the weights of matters of the heart

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Matters Of The Heart (feat. Eligh) Lyrics

Scarub – Matters Of The Heart (feat. Eligh) Lyrics