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Freak What You Feel (feat. Tiombe Lockheart) Lyrics

Scarub – Freak What You Feel (feat. Tiombe Lockheart) Lyrics

F/ Tiombe Lockheart


It happens quicker than it seems

Visions are turned to dreams

Dreams no longer gleam, or glare

The dreamer prepares for

The 'ever after' or, the final chapter

Few leave with laughter

Left on the face

This space is usually filled with feelings

Leaving the body warped

Contorted, morbid, consorted, carried and buried

The life that was once adorn forever mourned

Freak what you feel

Before it's too late to fill your plate

And don't ever say you were never warned

It's like too many fakes

There life was no feeling

No purpose, or passion

What's your reason for living is what I'm asking

And once you find the answer to your meaning

Your reason starts gleaming

Beaming brighter than first love

Higher than a first dove

That leads the sun into the sky

Pushing it's first shove of light

Bringing forth day

Freak what you feel in each and every way

No matter what they say, no matter what they say

Freak what you feel

[Tiombe Lockheart]

Unprohibited, Always spirited, Do what I'm feeling, I won't????, I might

Fall cause, I'm dreaming, I'm just a dreamer, It's all believing, It's all on

Purpose, It's just for leaving


I like chillin with my friends, laughing til it hurts

Seeing pretty ladies in the summer wearing skirts

Sandals and tank tops, t-shirts and flip flops

Listening to hip hop

Feeling it in my rib cage when the bass drops

Just some of the things that make me feel alive

Make you forget about that 9 to 5

Or at least change the vibe while your in it

The way puppets with no strings fall out of proportion

I seen the same thing happen to people when their passion ain't scorchin

When only cash equals their fortune

Or no longer having a torch in 'em

And adrenalines at a minimum

While the pendulums moving towards them

It's like their running out of time

Or time's not working for them

Nothing there to assure them that their problems they can endure them

Crossing their arms too fast

Cutting all them out

All possibilities of hugging a fortune

The outcome: a case of attitude overashadowing advancement

Self destruction, they like the sloppy way of living

Don't let that all up in your function

No quitting now we in too deep baby, we gotta fight

Mistakes are made but through it all we still be shining bright

We only humans, but as humans we can make it tight

Freak what you feel, and what you don't feel we goin' make it right

Freak what you feel, freak, freak, freak what you feel

Freak, freak, freak what you feel

Freak, freak, freak what you feel

Cuz when it's too late, it's too late...

[Tiombe Lockheart]

Clearly time to do, Live your life so, Make those mistakes and, There only

Lessons, It's all lessons, Another level, It's all on purpose, It's just

Living, It's just being, It's just being...
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