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Complications Lyrics

Scarub – Complications Lyrics

(Chorus 2X: Scarub)
It's all too complicated
The things I want are over-rated
What I've achieved is understated
All I get is aggravated
I stay dedicated in Hip hop affiliated
I wreck shop that summer hated
So why my mind honestly fadded

So have the nerve to ask me why I'm so melancholy
I say I stay fustrated because I'm seeing secondary decaps with raps
As in lightening as burnt out neon signs and liquor store windows
Think about it, perhaps I'm too complex for the next man
But I get decks when I see sims game respectful
The answer is dimly advertising the obvious
Obviously Scarub is a man who chooses to build while the rest simply insult
Your intellegence
Cover it up with name brands and huh we'll call it entertainment(you hear
That shit)
I over heard a man say to a friend last night
He went to some show and again was dissappointed
That the performance was given(ohh no)
Where's the fresh mc's at huh
I thought to myself while you were out all night clubbing
I hermit at home writing raps you and your homies be lovin and dubbin
Exchanging tapes with your friends like Peeping out ain't it something
Them Living Legends be bumping in the trunks and boom boxes
Walkman sound systems the best takes a mixers the perfect addictsor
When combined with the ear some alchol or just high on life
But when it comes to giving props folks ask like cheap skates
Or better yet like conservative women on the first date
They brush you off with a handshake a hug maybe a kiss on the cheek
But that's as far as it goes
They won't fuck with ya(come on)
They won't fuck with ya(Just a little)
They may joke with ya smoke with ya toke with ya(come on)
But they won't fuck with ya(why not)
They won't fuck with ya(I'm a good guy)
Hey I can fuck with ya but never go broke with ya(I thought you liked me)
Whats going on


Whats it in the name
Then you'll probably ask me what it means
Siam S-I-A-M Scarub is a man
A creation composed of a body and a soul
A spirit encompased in a psyiche gear towards mobile control
Understood to the ability to communicate by means of speech
I reach through as an invidiual that counter balance the majority
Who literally sound and act the same
Reminding me of herds of businessmen and their suits carrying their briefcases
With their designer ties thrown over their shoulders
A whole bunch of the same thing of what I'm trying to escape
I rather chill with my crew
Pop in a tape or better yet create more of what makes me feel good
Meanwhile others create images that convice the poplace that they're real good
I don't know about you but I find that fake shit too time consuming(Hell yeah)
Like button flies and glamour girls
Chop sticks and waiting on public transportation
It's just verbal masterbation that they be placing on petastools
Swear they dropping jewels
It's pitiful how they be foolin fools
That claim faketious figures that stand way out of their league
I'm a pimp
T'm a mack
I'm a this
I'm a that
More like an actor stuck in character playing out rap
For once lets be honest with ourselves
We can start with me decifle through the true and false and through away the
I'm not a killer
I'm too high on life to make an end
I'm not a criminal
Deserved everything I took
I'm not your nigga
I'm much bigga
Then you figga
When asked what is ya(What is ya)
I'm a man
You know what I'm saying it's like people are so stuck on what their names
Are that they don't even focus on the music anymore it's it's all


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