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Where Are All My Friends? Lyrics

Savage Ga$p – Where Are All My Friends? Lyrics

Gaspare, what the hell you doing?

You're, fading away
Well, that's what happens when you put your whole being into an attack
Y'know what I mean?

[Verse 1: Savage Ga$p]
Look, I don't give no fucks, now I run shit, (uh)
You can hold my nuts, hoe I'm stunting (uh)
And I turn nothing into something (yuh)
So you can miss me with that fuck shit
Keyblade on my back, I don't need no strap (uh)
I didn't need them racks, I don't need no dap, yuh
I don't need no gat
Click, clack, it gon' blow you back, yuh
I'm in a different position and I've been shitting on these kids and my wrist glisten, envision, I said (yuh), yuh
I've just been kissing these bitches and I've been running up them digits hittin' licks with my brethren I said
No more cutting wrists
Little bitch I run this shit
"Oh my god, Savage Ga$p"
You can suck my fucking dick (uh)
Two hoes, backseat
Filthy, heartless, in my whip (uh, yeah)
Gunblade, strapped up
Posted on my fucking hip, yuh
Look, I didn't need them bands fuck your friendship (uh)
Look, keyblade in my hand leave you vanquished
You a has-been (uh)
Boy you just a Dusk and I'm Xemnas, yeah

[Verse 2: fats'e]
I done lost it
(Yeah, I did)
I'm out of options
So where's my rocket?
(Ok, where it at?)
Yeah, it's easy [?] so quit the talking (yuh, yuh, yuh)
I don't give a fuck, now I run shit (hey, hey)
You can't hold me back, bite the bullet 'til I'm nauseous
Until I'm nauseous
You copycats just make me wanna fucking vomit
I said poison, I said poison on the gunblade
Red eyes, red blood stains right on the carpet

[Verse 3: Kevin Kazi]
Ayy, god dammit
Hundred round drum make 'em vanish
Pussy ass niggas they fishy like salmon
Headshot, pow, critical damage
Walk in the function the cameras keep flashing
Designer the drip, I got blood in the fabric
Hop in the Benz and I switch to the [?]
You gon' swim with the fishes like you was Atlantis
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