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Bitch Im Sad Lyrics

Savage Ga$p – Bitch Im Sad Lyrics

[Chorus - Savage Ga$p]
I don't wanna leave the house cause bitch I'm fucking sad (damn)
Ay, like bitch I'm fucking sad (yuh)
Look, I can't go to bed (no, bitch), demons in my... what (what)
I don't wanna leave the house cause bitch I'm fucking sad (damn)

[Verse 1 - Savage Ga$p]
Ay, I don't wanna go out the house, I wanna stay on the couch
She want me filling her mouth, I'm filled with worries and doubts
Thought I had figured it out, I cannot think cause I'm down
Look, all of my friends going out, I wanna stay in the house (damn)

[Verse 2 - Shinigami]
Yeah, I wanna stay in the house
Wait, I wanna stay in the house
Bitch I'm sad, I need you to hold me hand
Wipe my tears away with rice
I'm depressed, I'm in my bed
Why you think I stay in bed?
Sometimes I feel like I'm dead
All these voices in my head
Can't forget the things she said
Wait, no, run it back
I think I need to relax
Smoke a blunt and get some rest
I think it's all for the best now

[Verse 3 - Shinigami, Savage Ga$p & Both]
I'm glowing but it took a long time
Told you no matter what I'm finna get mine (I'm finna get mine)
You sellin' reposts and features just to get by (damn)
I'm getting racks, lil boy it's your bed time (it's your bed time)
I'm glowing up I get my bread right (get my bread right)
I'm fucking your girl in the night time (in the night time)
I hit my Juul in the moonlight (in the moonlight)
Bitch I'ma glow like a Lite Brite (like a Lite Brite)
Used to cry all by my lonely, yeah
I am not your homie
Now your main girl wanna hold me (damn) hold me (damn)
Sad as fuck, I'm lonely (ay, ay, ay yuh)
Have a '50 with a full cap
With my gamers I'm in my bed
Fuck a bitch and fuck depression (fuck her and the depression)
I wanna cry 'bout a bitch
I can not water my life down to this
Step on my walls when I step on my kidsI'm gonna blow out my back when I pull up my wrist
Why you crying get your bands up
Leave that bitch and fucking flex up
Solid gold up in his septum
Hendog in the red cup
All of the stress and the pressure of everything always be getting to me
You is a goofy, you is an op
You are my enemy, you're not a friend of me

[Verse 4 - Shinigami & Savage Ga$p]
The weight of the world, sits on my shoulders
I hate the fact that we're getting older
Growing apart, leaving each other
I can still feel you, you're on my mind
Trust in your heart, we'll stand by each other
Never apart, I'm just getting use to the love that you give me
I'm numb to the feeling cause everyone leaves me, yeah, everyone leaves me, woah

[Bridge - Savage Ga$p]
Bitch I'm on that numb shit
That dumb shit
That I don't give a fuck shit
That bitch I fucking hate you, we were better off apart shit
I just had to let you know I'm in my bag
I'm in my bedroom getting bands, cause, like...

[Chorus - Savage Ga$p and Shinigami]
Bitch I'm fucking sad (Oh yes!)
Ay, look bitch I'm fucking sad (Bitch I'm fucking sad yuh)
I can't go to bed (I can't go to bed, yeah), demons in my... what (demons in my head)
I don't wanna leave the house cause bitch I'm fucking sad
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