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Wherever You Go, Im Always With You Lyrics

Savage Ga$p – Wherever You Go, Im Always With You Lyrics

Remember what you said before, i'm always with you too
I'll come back to you, I promise!
I know you will!

Look you can stop with all that fronting
Hoe Mangekyou my Sharingan
And yo girl up on my nuts
While I just train my Empoleon
She so slumpt she hit the blunt
That Eevee turned into Jolteon
Wanna travel back in time
And hit again just like Doraemon
She said I look like Itachi so she top me that sloppy
I see some savage gasp shadow clones
Carbon copy’s it’s not me
I’m on the bottom floor at Barneys
Smoking blunts of the palm trees
And she ain’t Spanish
But she said that savage Gasp is her Papi
I got my star seeker
Strapped up on my back bitch
Just in case the darkness come out
I’ma whoop it’s ass bitch
I been feeling sad bitch
I been feeling average
Had to pick my self up like nah boy
Come on you savage
And I just missed my flight again
But look like I’m not even tripping
I’m In LA my smile glowing
All these girls wanna kiss me
I’m at the point where It’s like bro
You either with me or with me
They falling victim to the envy
And they plotting against me
Remember lying in the grass
I got my head in your lap
Watching shooting stars in motion
While we kiss and we laugh
Neither one of us is acting like we miss what we had
But girl just know that when you miss me
I'm here missing you back
Broken promises and scars that just left here with me
But you know how ima keep it baby simple and clean
Like maybe we just lost our hearts
But we still know what it’s like
I think our shadows have been growing
Cause we close to the light
And I been lining up the pieces
Putting yours into mine
For you I’d sail across the stars
Just like the oceans the sky
'Cause In the end I still think about you
Like now and again
My heart may be weak on its own
My power lies with my friends
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