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Sauce Dat (Freestyle) Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Sauce Dat (Freestyle) Lyrics

Back doing this free spilling shit again
I guess they forgot I was the best

100 hoes, 100 hoes, 100 hoes 100 hoes
I done broke 100 hoes
Cheerios, Cheerios, Cheerios, Cheerios
Pocket full of Cheerios
100 4's, 100 4's, 100 4's, 100 4's
I done poured 100 4's

You just started sipping drank nigga
I was pouring 4's back in '04
You just bought a chopper, what you gone do with that?
You ain't bout that action, you ain't gone shoot that
Watchin' all that Chief Keef, now you a shooter man
Stop all that bullshit, you know you won't shoot a man

You ain't tryna face that life nigga
You don't wanna see that real judge
You don't wanna be up in that courtroom
When it's cold than a mufug

Chains on your ankles and your hands
And they got a witness on the stand
Way it's looking like right now nigga
You'll never see the world again

Can you stay stiff and don't talk?
Do you got family help you out?
Can you put that extra work in
On your own people if they run your mouth?
Yea nigga it get real deep
If you're really in these real street
Is you ready for them gang wars
Where it's guns poppin' off all week?
Nigga can't even go to sleep
Every car got you nervous
Double checking doors on purpose
Cause you know them niggas lurkin'
Been the fool in these streets
I can't believe I'm still here on the surface
People though that I was worthless
But the sauce was my Purpose
Now the flavor all around the world
Got these niggas pimpin' on your girls
Cause these niggas dripping on your bitch
She left you in the bathroom, ya full of shit
Now she ridin' with a real pimp
But I bought the bitch her own whip
Cause I showed her how to make the money
Now the hoe is mine and you can't take her from me
On Sauce, Yea
Pour the lean, Pour the lean, Pour the lean, Pour the lean
Yea I'mma pour the lean
I been sippin' on some much red
I done did the muthafuckin' shoulder lean
Shoulder lean, Shoulder lean, yea, OWEEE!

Yea nigga, free spill nigga, Sauce Gotti, Twin nigga
Splashtown nigga, Sorry 4 The Sauce 2 Pussy
I'm the best nigga, On Sauce, On Sauce
I did, Splashtown, Yea nigga, real H-Town shit
Like screw and them used to do
We over here sippin' syrup
Firin' up big blunts, no what I'm talkin' bout?
Yea, free spillin' and willin' you know what I'm talking bout?
And ya hoe payin', and we here for real
Bitch get out the booth tho you fuckin' up my splash
Ay man don't hate on my splash
Yea, yea, YEAH!
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