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I Don't Know Lyrics

Sauce Walka – I Don't Know Lyrics

Nigga never know out here, man
Splash, Sauce
Oowee, oowee
I don't know!

All these niggas is bitches I swear that this shit so crazy
(Why?) I don't know!
All these bitches is cappin' but really you bitches fugazi
(Why?) I don't know!
Will I see heaven? Hell, I don't know!
Will you turn fake on me? I don't know!
Will you turn snitch on me?
Will you hit licks with me?
Will you get rich with me?
I don't know!
I don't know!

[Verse 1]
I don't know 'bout these hoes
I don't know 'bout these niggas
But I know bout my pistol
I'm 'bout that issue
All of my niggas is creatures, they robbing for features
Ain't nothing that they doing holy
My niggas need preachers
Shit crazy
I don't know why
She gave me all of her money
She don't know why
Nigga try play me for dummy
He don't know why?
(Why?) He gotta die
Eye, Head, Leg, Thigh
Pin on the donkey
I don't know why the bitch want me
But the bitch on me
This yo bitch? (I don't know!)
And I don't want her (getcha hoe!)
She was fake anyway everything was bought
Sometimes that shit cool but not always for a boss
I like a real bitch
With some real ass and some real titties
And I don't give a damn
Bitch, I'm Sauce P. Diddy!


[Verse 2]
I don't know why these streets ain't real no more
(I don't!)
I don't know why these niggas act like hoes
(I don't!)
All these niggas envy me
Used to be a friend of me now you my enemy
Wanna get at me?
Shit, I'm still dripping, still pimpin'
Riding around in that Benz, looking like a Bentley
Blonde-head white girl with me
Her name, Tiffany
Niggas always braggin bout foreigns
She from Sydney
Australia, I'm a playa
Got game like Romey-Rome
Himalayas, yeah
Sauce Gotti, Maserati
Who would of ever thought I used to put beams on shottys
Lillard beat my team
Fuck it, pour the lean
I'm black Charlie Sheen
My bitch Maybelline
(Woo!) My car so clean
Farragamo jeans
That's two onion rings...
I said that's two onion rings
I'm sauce!!!

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Songwriters: KyMoy Phillip
I Don't Know lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid

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