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Ghetto Gospel II Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Ghetto Gospel II Lyrics

[Intro: Sauce Walka]

The backstreets jumpin'

[Verse 1: Sauce Walka]

Dice games on the concrete
Birds in the sky but not the ones that go "tweet, tweet"
Mrs. L is looking through the blinds, little peep peep
If anybody touch her fence she calling the pp

Little Tameka standing on the corner, she a street freak
Ass fat but her teeth crooked and her feet stink
Mr. Carmichael got the gas and the guns cheap
Only thing is, he never asked her when the fun's cheap

Little Tookie happy, he just finally bought a bronze Jeep
He was just sleeping at the bus stop last week
Funny how one robbery can change a man's peak
Then you wonder why niggas catching eggs every week

Dave got a job, but he tryna find a plan B
He got two kids but his baby mama deadbeat
She live on Section 8 but she at the club every week
Popping handlebars cheap, drinking at the bar, sleep
Then grandma ashamed because she gave her child the first drink

And now this bitch your baby mama
Got you stuck with all this drama
But Dave done fucked around and hit the strip club and met Tawana
She turned him to a pimp and he bought a Benz before the summer

Dealy a d-boy, he be getting all the commas
He fresh home from doing three so he locked in with all the runners
He ain't know how paper work so he locked in with all the gunners
Respect big in the hood when you silent and you doing numbers

But Dealy best friend named Mikey, a jealous motherfucker
And one day, when Dealy was working, he turned on his brother
Doors kick open the trap while he was cutting butter
This nigga Mikey snitched on his man, ain't this a motherfucker?

[Bridge: Sauce Walka]

*I was born in the ghetto*
*I was born in the ghetto* (Suwoo)
I feel that shit right there
*In my mind*

[Verse 2: El Train]

I remember running up and down Carriage Lane
Mama praying, on the side, looking out the windowpane
Mind fried, Mr. Payne came in, mind tied
Contemplating the situation, trying to explain how he got fired

Bills piling up, and they daughter's on the frontlines
She always in the streets, trying to find a nigga to take a dime
See, Keisha been a hoe, she been fuckin' since the age of 9
She ran into a pimp, all that pimp did was break her down

My partner had a plug, the first thing he thought was take him down
But when you in the mud, the only thing you think is dollar signs
I miss my nigga [?] sometimes, thinking about my nigga dying
But when you in the streets, it ain't no telling when it's time to file

The first thing the pussy nigga did was fuck your baby mama
The game be fucked up, your own partner won't even give your honor
The first thing he do is go run to the judge and tell all on her
Made me sit and ponder how niggas that chill be anacondas

See, I was doing time at the time, and I sat and wondered
How he had the whole ar and my nigga died
That really had a nigga fried, damn, I was hot inside
Damn, I was ready to ride

You ran with a choppa on you? Niggas out here plotting on you?
That scheming was in your blood, huh? You ain't wanna grind from the bottom, up out the mud, huh?
That little bad bitch named karma, she got you drunk, huh?
Running to the laws huh? Flubbering your jaws, huh?

[Outro: El Train]

In the ghetto
*I was born in the ghetto*
*I was born in the ghetto*
*In my mind*
*In my mind*
*In my mind*
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