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Get Out Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Get Out Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sauce Walka]

Gunpowder residue on his hands
Another nigga killed by the hands of his brother, man
Shit, it's hard to understand how we can hate our own kind
But every time it was my own kind that brought my home crying

Niggas that look like me in front of my house blowing my home down
Bullets ripping the bricks while my stepmama on the floor crying
Situations like this could tear a family for a long time
Traumatized for three years every time she hear a door slide

Niggas weren't really tryna catch no bodies shooting at door signs
But when you young that's how hoes slide
But I was different: ever since a youngin' I been with the run down business
Standing over a nigga like I was supposed to rise but no hoop pictures

Chrysler Sebring's the best cars but still some coupes missing
Let the tops down and start whistling like my tooth missing
Every time my foot down in the streets like my shoe missing
When I retaliate, somebody known in your crew missing

Time I did in jail brought me home on a new mission
Found out niggas hoes so I'd rather trap with two bitches
Do your boy a favor, now he coming up with new wishes
As soon as you say no, now you fake, bro, and you tripping

Tried to teach the new ones space to grow but they too ignorant
Cause all they worried about is Gucci belts and fuckin' new bitches
How can I love my brother when he want to take my whole image?
But instead of learn how, he wanna straight draw it down and steal it

[Chorus: Propain]

Aye, what do we dribble out this motherfucker?
Rap metaphors and riddles out this motherfucker?
Work second floor hospital out his motherfucker?
We gots to get out up this motherfucker

Times get ugly, gotta bust a move
All we know is turning ones to twos
Back to the wild, I'm standing on ten
In it for life, you know what it is

[Verse 2: Propain]

It's crack fumes in my nose, it's pissy on the couch
Roof leaking making hoes that's dripping in the house
Eviction notice on the door, they bout to kick em out
Watch your mama struggle or get dough, nigga, pick a route
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