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Drip God Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Drip God Lyrics

Chamberlain, he's got it!

Million dollar dreams, broke nigga nightmares
I bring extra shooters when I play 'cause they don't fight fair
Nigga look at Golden State, I could give a fuck who hate
Niggas see me eatin' so they want the food on my plate
I never had it, that's why I keep that abstract
Cock back that push a nigga shit back like rip back
Catch a nigga slippin' with his bitch at a kickback
I put cheese on his head, now buddy a Big Mac
Gremlins always hungry, so a number one a big snack
Tryna leave your bitch alone but she won't give my dick back
Money never made you niggas real and that's a big fact
Takin' all them pictures with them guns, still got your shit snatched
Buy Supreme Louis but your babies sleep on air mats
Where the hell they do that 'cause that's where I'm confused at
Uber got invented, thank the Lord that you can use that
Debit card, abuse that, for IG you visit Hellcats
Boy we know you ain't got a car, like Tommy ain't have a job
Tried to find you a Gina but got you a Shalmalan
Bitch broke in your house, she doubled back, she had that duh-duh-duh
Got your ass bent and you fucked the bitch without no condom on
That shit embarrassing, she such a Samaritan, you was a square then
All of my niggas around me, I'm cherishing
All of my family, they love me, I'm cherishing
You not alive if you not aware of them
We are not free just because we American
That's why this money is so damn imperative
Way before rappin' I grew up with arrogance
That was my motive and that was my hope
Fresh out of school, all I had was some dope
Fell on my ass and I picked up a ho
Made my first twenty and ran out the door
Knocked a new bitch and I [?] some ho
Sent to the bitch and I talked her some more
I done like Christmas, my diamonds all grizzly
I'm shootin' you niggas outside that been dissin'
It's rappers since over here with new mission
You would go spazz if I catch you slippin'
It could be nine in the morning
If we know you out then we tryna spill 'em
If we can we gon' do the standover just to make sure you can't heal him
Bitch chose me and stole out a lot of old niggas' shit 'cause she ain't feel 'em
I got the, I got the recipe
My brothers my everything, Sosa my everything
I'm in the game, I ain't touchin' a wedding ring
Sorry lil baby but I am not settling
I wanna sitter the bitch like I'm Larry King
Diamonds they laps and these niggas are pedaling
Just like them Scooby-Doo kids, I been meddling
Off of the chetterlings, I let the metal swing
Just me and twin, yeah we started together
Linked with JRag and our flavor got better
Lost a few friends and we gained some vendettas
Sosa the line, now our flavor forever
JB and Ritz are my brothers forever
Voochie a P, now you niggas in trouble
Jimmy my brother, I met him at lock-up
I told him I get out of jail, I'ma pop
G Hustle since I was 'bout 12 nigga
Shit, we came out the same sandbox
See and that boy Sosa my brother as well nigga
Shit we been raisin' hell on the SWAT
Me and J Lean used to ride with the mops
Then Ladder came home and we stared to rock
Ridin' on niggas late night with them chops
Everything loaded, one hand on the top
Double the only big brother we got
Ain't gotta ask if he ridin' or not
Pay they ass plenty and niggas ain't petty
But Patty a shooter so you gon' get shot
I love Lil Nike, it's 'cause he gon' rock
Me and Bhad Bhabie done brought back the South
Fuck what you bitch niggas talkin' about
We got the city back, droppin' the top
Now we big ballin', it just was a dream
Now we got mansions and diamonds and rings
Texas I'm legend, in Texas I'm king
What in the fuck do you bitch niggas mean?
You niggas pussy, you niggas is queen
I drop the sauce on the beat, I'ma swing
My voice on this track is a beautiful thing
My kids take a ride to the park and the swing
It's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
World is so ugly but yet it's so beautiful
I go to work on a bitch, where my cubicle
Gave her some game and then cleared out her cubicle
She wanna be rich and the feeling is mutual
I am a leader, I'm so constitutional
They wanna see the black men institutional
That's why this knowledge is so revolutional

Drip god, drip god, drip god, drip god
Drip god, drip god, drip god, drip god
Drip god, drip god, drip god, drip god
Drip god, drip god, drip god, drip god
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