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Boyz In The Splash Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Boyz In The Splash Lyrics

[Intro: Sauce Walka]
Jumped off the jet at around noon nigga know i had to be back in splashtown soon
I bought me a 4 after hopped in the benz rolled on the freeway and picked up my twin (x3)

[Verse 1: Sauce Walka]
Then a bitch ass nigga started blowing my line
Talking bout' I took his bitch and she ain't mine
Nigga did you just call my phone for a ho aw hell naw buddy gotta go
So i called up my shooters off M.L.K
All them niggas do is rob and shoot AK's
Told Mr. pimp nigga niggas say he wanna play
Shit my lil niggas had his chains by the end of the day
Then I let the roof back on a Benz
Sun shinin' on a nigga skin
Syrup in my cup no hen
Went to be live Eric talkin shit again

[Hook: Sauce Walka]
Cuz them boyz in the splash just way too hard
Come starting that [?] and we cuttin ya card
Know nothing in life but to break on a bitch riding foreigns and slabs breaking a fifth
Riding through the north you see nothing but wheels
All them niggas got rich breakin bit and sellin pills
So you better be safe when you riding it after us
But dying in H-Town we ain't scared of no jackers


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