Listen my best friend, let me tell you something dark
There’s no fooling me, I’ve got desire, got the desire to kill
I’ve seen a change in you, a change in the chemistry
I’m an undead creature of night
You’ve got desire, a desire to thrill

Go get the girl

The sun makes room for the moon
It’s got me scared, oh so scared
Will the nightmare be over soon
To kill the girl, the one who cares
The girl who cares

Madam I beg you tell of the myth, the crooked spell
It’s too sad to reveal
Five dollar fortune, it’s an unfortunate sale
I see the destiny, a kind of love ends tragically
Keep her away from me
Five dollar fortune, poor boy I wish you well
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Who's Afraid Of Cory Wolf Lyrics

Samuel Powers – Who's Afraid Of Cory Wolf Lyrics