Grow up move on, if it's better for you
Just tell me the truth, and do what you gotta do
We trade these halls for a future unknown
All I wanted was a friend for the journey home

Hand to heart and heart in hand we leave this memory laden paths
And find our footing in the pages of a story yet written
We live our lives looking back to love once scribed
And find comfort in the words “I’ll never leave your side, I’ll never say goodbye”

So will you waste another year
I'd waste the best of me on you
Oh my best friend will you stay here
Please stay or is it time to say goodbye
Or come with us

It’s never easy and it’s never fair
You left so abruptly and changed the plans
I feel like I’ve been abandoned again by all my friends

I love you all and class is dismissed now
So take a breath, it’s time to make us proud

I love you all, class dismissed
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The Exits Lyrics

Samuel Powers – The Exits Lyrics