Remember all those times at J.A. high
Your thoughts were clouded
And every time she passed you by
You wouldn't shut up about it
She's like a voice talking over the film
With pretty looking face, but still annoying all the same
You've never said a word to her before

You say you know my brother, well you don’t know me
We’ll see over the next four years

She’s a fire through the trees, she burns a hole right through me
Strike a match and watch it breathe, she’s burning right through me

I saw her there before my eyes, a vibrant sight, something divine
I take a breath and slow my nerves, I move a little closer
She’s as vibrant as the sun, and she’s as mist from dusk to dawn
I wait for her to break the dark and brighten up my heart

One, two, three, say you don’t have a chance with me
But that’s okay, don’t want it anyway
One, two, three, just get out of my way

We all just wanna be loved
So please shut up about it
She's making her way into your heart
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Boy Meets Girl Lyrics

Samuel Powers – Boy Meets Girl Lyrics