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Playing With Fire Lyrics

SamBea Cochrane – Playing With Fire Lyrics

You burned yourself playing with fire, and all of those things that we lacked,
May the road rise up to guide you, and may they be calling you back.

Verse 1:
I remember all of the old days, you brought out the better in me
You made me the person that I am today, so I ask you now why did you leave?
So I sit alone in this cold and gray room, with all but my sanity now
I want to love someone with this broken heart, but it seems I’ve forgotten how
Your wearing your black clothes, black heart to the left
So caught up in sadness you’ve got nothing left
And you let yourself down
And I let myself down


Verse 2:
I don’t know the names of these feelings, but I don’t want to let you down
Cause I know that this time, is when you need me most, but somehow I just feel drowned
All I want is just to want you, but you make it so constantly hard
This whole time you take me by storm I was just a house made of cards
So here’s to the broken, and the lonely ones
We’ll forget all out sorrows, and try to have fun
So tonight we’ll sit around
And we’ll let ourselves down


Verse 3:
The lonely days of uncertainty disappear when you come around
In my dreams, I tell you in mind that you will be safe and be sound
When it rains the days away, I don’t see the tears on your face
You just get kicked down when you’re already down, and you tied up so you can’t escape
I understand you don’t want me, and trust me thats fine
You’ve got problems and you think it’s not in your mind
But you let yourself down
And I let us down


Verse 4:
So I’ll conclude with no honest word, as I probably wont even be heard
I’m wondering why as promised you I would try to be always concerned
I want to let you know that, your always welcome back to my home
You probably won’t be taking that offer, but it’s better than roaming alone
So here’s to the broken and the lonely ones,
We’ll forget all our sorrows and try to have fun
And tonight we’ll sit around
And we’ll let ourselves down.

Chorus x2
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