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Home Lyrics

SamBea Cochrane – Home Lyrics

Verse 1:

We’re sitting all around, forgetting the bad and feeling good tonight
I won’t cry this time, out of sight and out of mind
I know I have no chance with you, but I like to pretend that I do.
We believe in after life, it’s because we can’t bear not to.

‘Cause you need me more than when, all those times we lost again and again
There’s no season to play hero, my friend,
You’ll find your way back home again in the end.

Verse 2:
Looking around you, tears are streaming down all the faces
Don’t you worry about me, I’ve been kicked out of better places.
I remember when I said that I would be forever in debt,
It turns out that I’ll be forevermore in my regret


You should have told me where I messed all this up,
And you shouldn’t have mislead me this much.
You don’t think that I will run away,
But I can and I will any day,


Chorus x2
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