We're sitting in your room listening to our favorite tunes
It's a big mix of laughter and tears
I'd tell you all my troubles, all my cares you tell me yours.
When we felt so happy driving home in Friday night.


We were just friends can't you see stop starting back at me.

If you really wanted me, you'd be a little more easy.

Maybe you dint know how good you were to me.
Your the kind of flawless I wish I could be
When I walk down the halls, your all I really see
Because your the only one who's ever nice to me

[Repeat Chorus]

Look, I bet your really nice, your just as cold as ice. It seems so unnatural like you don't want to be here with me. I have nothing against you, but I have my own life!

[Chorus x2]

You'd be, a little more easy, you'd be a little more easy
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A Little More Easy Lyrics

SamBea Cochrane – A Little More Easy Lyrics