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Niggas Night Out Lyrics

Royal Flush – Niggas Night Out Lyrics

[Royal Flush]
And we all shine, sit back, crack the wine
Hit you at nine, but twelve, it's show time
First three hundred ladies, free, it's on line
Jumped out the car, like the shit was mine
Straight to the promoter, cop me plus nine
Grab up a shorty that's in back of the line
Get her in free, try to splash first time
As I enter, Iced Down Medallion wit the shine
Party time, place look pack
Straight to the bar, where all my thugs be at
Talk to Tommy Hill, while Rudy holdin the gat
Drippin some, wit fuckin wit shorty in the back
Nigga B. You. Is gettin shots of Conayac
Cousin Randy is rollin dimes and eight black
But Shearson, wig gettin his freak on perhaps
Tonight, everything is going real right
Shorties walk by, Versace's real tight
Game is real nice, made me by a drink twice
Scream Don Lotta got drinks all night
Like Redman, nigga tonight's the night

[Chorus 2X: Ja Rule]
Tonight we gon' get high, right niggas
Freak off, sip a little liquor
What up, in the club, blowin up figgas
Me and my 'Lanz niggas
Royal Flush, honey is you wit us

[Royal Flush]
It's gettin late, watch Red, a quarter pass three
All bent up, hennecy inside the cup
Team was fucked up, Lil Bronx was throwin up
He drink too much, the Don P had him stuck
Fadone was in the middle, of the floor about to thump
Queens Most Wanted hold it down, when it front
Flex switch it up and made the whole crowd jump
About time we can all go out and have fun
Dance around til your legs get numb
Superstar status, goin home wit the baddest
Wastlanz official, Royal Flush got to have it
Straight to coat check, so I can go get my jacket
Snatched it, take it the crib so I can tap it
Outside, Twinz is in the Lex holdin traffic
Jumped in the range, pulled off and started laughin

[Chorus 6X]
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