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Clap Your Hands (Feat. Big Punisher & Noreaga) Lyrics

Royal Flush – Clap Your Hands (Feat. Big Punisher & Noreaga) Lyrics

F/ Big Punisher, Noreaga

[Big Pun]
No Doubt
Royal Flush Big Pun the fresh master
Niggas On the Run Eatin
We ain't no fuckin rappers
Peep this yo

[Big Pun]
Yo it's the Dream Shatterer
Strictly the green team battler
Ring rattler microphone fiend spleen splatterer
King in the throne bringing the whole five macks
Up in the Source five mics??????????
Cuz I'm the word magician observe verbal technician
Spittin out words of wisdom in my preferred profession
Observe and listen learn ya lesson of a first impression
I get served in seconds like I worked the kitchen
I heard you bitchin flippin the story liftin ya jewelries
Got my finger itchin but I heard ya position with Nore
We shut em down like Chuck fuck em for they greens
Suck em in like Biggie "Bang Bang have a nice dream"
My team ain't tryin to give off sad stories
All you do is flash jewelries
Really for the cash till my ass is buried
I flurry shots like jabs and stabbin in they cabbages????
Throwin grenades in baby carriages
Fuck all the talking and lookin I'm walkin to ya block or coffin
Taught them to off him and sleep with the dolphins
Enforcing hostile takeovers with nozzles straightforward
Transportin in foreign camcorders in module Range Rover's

Chorus: Noreaga

If you thuggin and you know it clap your hands (What What)
Yo if you thuggin and you know it clap your hands (What What)
Yo if you thuggin and you know it and your really proud to show it
If you thuggin and you know it clap your hands (What What)

I used to stand on the block
And sellin cooked up rock
Money bustin out my sock
Plus I'm flashin my glock
Yo I have brown skin and I live in Queens
I love eatin' chicken and cauligreens
Other boroughs try to front and fuck on me
But nigga Iraq my niggas like fuck off he
Yo you know that I damage you up hammer you up
Them niggas actin I'll but they just ain't tough
And get that Bloody Money (What) and now the world know
I get that Bloody Money that's the only way to get dough
I alternated with the latest ya niggas hate it
Yo as long as niggas down don't really get faded
Ay yo I shoot like classical slugs
Niggas casual thugs shittin on the only niggas they love
Ay yo my niggas on the run still hold the fort
Do whatever that ya gotta do but don't get caught
You know the jakes don't even care about the cars we bought
We live expensively???? Come straight from Sicily
Colors that you ain't seen like black and green
You know dollars is my favorite thing??????????


[Royal Flush]
Ay yo Ay yo Ay yo
Yo I'm a straight thug show no love and get plugged
Grimy as fuck steel holder case I gotta buck
Stay lexed up chain reachin down to my nuts
Can't front on us from here to California we bust
The Lex pump it on in the back of the club sayin (What! What!)
Lay in the cut my niggas throwin dick to ya s***s
Park the car in the slums where I'm sellin my drugs
My uzi weigh a ton you too soft to fuck with us son
It's like the mafia fuck with La Familia then I'm poppin ya
Mega popular from this rap game philosopher
Lock it down like Nino Brown in my part of town
From the streets to the four pound see ya whole lay my mack down
I do it for my large niggas my broke niggas rob niggas
To my bum bitches tryin to stick star niggas
I wear Rolex flooded up with baguettes
Like Beenie Man "Who the keys to the Lex"
Read my bio on the internet listen on the?????
For this Blood Money slash rap led to drug money
Royal Flush and Queens nigga fuck a crash dummy
I take time to earn mine while holdin my nine
Feel Me


(beat till fade with sounds of an audience cheerin)
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