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I Been Gettin So Much $ Lyrics

Royal Flush – I Been Gettin So Much $ Lyrics

I been makin so much money, all my life, for so long
Now I got it, I just got to steady move on, and hold on
And stay strong

[Royal Flush]
Escape the boroughs, 8-50 beams, stone pharaoh
Royal stack dinero, the hydro got me limbo
Fly bright like UFO, my chain always let show
Hop back then I let go, police got me petro
This swervin thru the Metro, it's too tight, you need to let go
But overall, I cop the Lex do, and see the next ho
Doing '90 on the intro, to get some Indo
Black tinted windows, sun roof fell, lettin the wind blow
I'm cool now, play a B-Tape and do some freestyle
Blank out, meanwhile, uncontrollable now
Streets is horrifyin, make me walk around wit the nine
Push a Lex Coup, first move I'm ready to shoot
Royal Flush, the best nigga, takin over black Range Rover
And pullin over double parked thug Casanova
Just let the wise show ya, had it lock way before ya
And choose ya lawyer, if you got jewels, I run up on ya
I'm so swift in my head rest, watchin Sonny Carson flicks
Plus I'm iced down, ridiculous, smash box, to steal the fifth
So when I see you face to face, you better have the shit
Or get ya body lift, nigga


[Royal Flush]
Peace to jungle, didn't want to free my first bundle
It all crumbled, makin this money, dyin to humble
In the worst way, lotta niggas thugs would turn gay
And betray why these niggas run they mouth all day
About blastin, you know these weak cats, they love yappin
It's how it happen, it's goin down while I'm rappin
A suspect nigga overheard and got bashted
New York will grab you in the five gates where willies operate
And scared niggas go to Church to see another day
Wit straight gun play, drunk off a E&J
They always said drunk niggas tell the truth in ways
You need to stop pollyin and see some better days
'cause broke niggas don't survive, always tellin lies
And terrorize, puttin trade marks around ya eyes
Been doin this since 85, 97 nation wide
You fuck around and day, you ain't no tough guy
I been spendin money while you work nine to five
So recognize, Flush lock it down, worldwide

[Chorus 2X]
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