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Dead Letter Lyrics

Royal Flush – Dead Letter Lyrics

[Royal Flush]
Dear Magic, how is livin life up there?
Is it the same thing, people smoke weed and drink beer
I sware, shit is really sink down here
Pardon the wet spot, but that's a drop from my tear
Oh yeah, Two-casin Bob, he's still out here
Plus your little brother's growin up, mom's steady holdin up
But guess what, Sha-born just got locked up, shit's rough
Plus I started rappin and such, and signed to Blunt
Tryin to make it platinum and plus
And even tried dust, put in handcuffs
'Member little John I snuffed, nigga startin to act to tough
Caught him off guard and got bucked
So when he get up there, get his stupid ass touch
So one love, nigga, know that I miss you much

[Chorus 2X]
And when you died they got the best of me
I never thought that the streets would get the rest of me
But now I'm stuck between the evil and my destiny
It's dedicated to my niggas, that's rest in peace

[Royal Flush]
I'm constantly thinkin bout your presence
We used to bustin weapons and cursin out reverend
We met around seven, and got married to the game at eleven
Rollin dice was heaven, started fuckin grown women
Drivin cars is tinted, if it's beef we all in it
Let me stop for a minute, mind zonin and bented
Almost crashed the rented, ninety miles a minute
Pull over, sweat the linen, started to lose my vision
Is it you I'm really missin, I turn my head when no one's listenin
The last words you said "Tell Uni that I'm whistlin"

[Chorus 2X]

[Royal Flush]
P.S., I've been writin you, since you left
Never understand why you wasn't wearin a vest
But for you, it's God bless, take it off your chest
I guess it's all a test, smokin mad weed for the stress
Put my A-alike to rest, I'm gonna stay here and live life up to best
You got my pictures yet? Of me and Ty-Boogie sippin mad Moet
That Carnel shit, if you ain't got them, I send some more flicks
So right me back quick
'cause soon or later I'll be wit you smokin mad spliffs
Plus I got a headache and my hands startin to slip
I miss you so much, I can't deal wit this shit

[Chorus 4X]
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