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Y2K Lyrics

Royal Fam – Y2K Lyrics

[Timbo King]
Get your spaceship, nigga
Red Dawn rise
Royal frontier, storm millennium

We be the people upstairs, carvin doors of power
Born to the purple, or blazin the sun
We spin the globe as we conquer as one
The power that be, battle of the galaxies
Power structure, the Inner Circle
I flows like Adam's wine, breathe from the projects
Second story, work and robin
And we fiend for the latest wrinkle
Ain't nothin changed, it's all the same
And don't live morality from our people
I brain spatterin, windpipes slittin on
Bread fruit got my mind twisted
The fine edge, get the finance
For the projects we all chop
It's all hip-hop, ya don't stop, check one-two
No affiliation, fuck you, wise minds bust you
And leave you layin on the cement, talkin cuz I seen it
This red apple now on some green shit
Now on some green shit, believe it
Some green shit, what?

[Timbo King]
We on a conquest, a mercenary strikeforce
Another life lost, murdered on a ice cross
Vengeance, black ninjas with monkey wrenches
Multiple gunshot wounds from nine-inches
2010, cyborgs with heat sensors
Astro, atomic dogs, that climb fences
Evil clones turned New York to Marshall Island
Swarm of the Helictus bees that sip pollen
Kinetics, microchips and genetics
Bio-energy transmit computer credits
Moon craters, watch out for flyin faders
Asteroids, rock yo ships, space invaders
Tempest, the gateway to heaven is the entrance
Black holes, Lost In Space, Star Wars
Cyber-tech, cyber spacethug androids laced in metallic green
Spit laser beam, super-hero verse villains from another planet
Techno organic mermaids from Atlantic
Lime stone granite, crystal armored suits
Magnetic boots save your chest
Teleport through timezones enter internets
We enter internets, what?
Enter internets, what?
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