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Hidden Chambers Lyrics

Royal Fam – Hidden Chambers Lyrics

[Timbo King]
I be sendin in the highest in reportin this rap shit
Acknowledge my cherisma and the way I format shit
Drop jewels, my science is beyond Einstein's theory
E equals MC squared, I make rappers leery
My brain weighs seven and one half a power
Mic's get melted down, verbal warfare, I'm louder
Mad millitant, I'm known as a secret agent
Royal frontier, I'm swingin like a cavalier
Authority, Black Knights soldiers are guardin me
Royal Fam live performance, hell on the Cornaky
Lyrical chess, pawn take, squeeze, nigga, I'm faster
Tornaments get deleted by the grand master
Precise, nice with mic's when I manifest
Somethin gots to give in this biz for the nine stress
Finesse, styles be flowin like movie credits
You know the rules, Royal Fam always fuckin said it
Deadly blows, my foes get marinated
Knowledge is infinite, my mind stays saturated
I hang with pharoahs with crossbows and arrows
Knights with shields that ride horse with saddles
Real philosophy revealin I'll prophecies
My ways and actions shows and proves true equality
We conquer continents, hemispheres and land masses
All you ever get is stage passes
So, you wanna be an entertainer, vocal arranger
Step inside the battle zone, prepare for danger
It's us against a thousand men, who's the remainder
Royal Fam, Wu-Tang Clan, the hidden chamber
While, you be eatin pork my thoughts be travellin through galaxies
Excalibur professional, throwin gradually
Battle thee, huh, huh, what, who goes there
Braveheart executioners dressed in war gear
We never fear, funds enhance when I inhale
Sentences make sense, lyrics given detail
Face in the malt, orotorical assault
Entorage attack your religious court vault
Infection starts, inject hearts with poison darts
It's the Ming Dynasty, master of Royal arts
Hidden chambers, my third eye's preparin for the third world
Put your fist up, I'm makin moves with my bishop
So, sieze them, into the stress, I seek quarters
Commence the revoulution on the mic, these are the orders
Medina lords, grills and swords be the symbols
The underground passage way leads into the temple
So, send a message, request a general for duties
A thief near the castle with the emeralds and rubies
Round up the soldiers, protect the main gate section
A fleet of Royal men throwin spears in all directions
Release the cannons, let off, set off the firearms
Evacuate the premises, explode em with the bombs!
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