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Family Jewels (Feat. Prodigal Sunn) Lyrics

Royal Fam – Family Jewels (Feat. Prodigal Sunn) Lyrics

F/ Prodical

[Chorus x2: Prodical]
Where do we go from here?
We got to show and prove that we have no fear
I once saw a wise man she'd some tears
He said "where do we go from here?"

[Hook: Prodical]
Life is what you make it
The world is what you make it

Yeah, yo
I saw blood in the eyes of many, plenty die for semi-automatics
Through the rain of traumatics, static, situation ending tragic
Bullets through the flesh of his addict, left his son a the bastard
Baby mother cries traumatic as tears flood the casket
Another victim of a block war, ceremony
Caught up in the wrong territory, holy matrimony
Watchin the world, as it spins in disaster
Though the wicked laughter, we dominate another chapter
Composed by the words of Allah, Jah Rastafar
Speaker of intelligent tongues that's who we are
Shining stars on the essence of hu-man
R's revolve, vivid like the pyramids on the surface of Mars
Street economy, the deaf, dumb and blind honor me
Honesty and loyalty, royalty makes up the family
Loyalty, royalty makes up the family
Loyalty, royalty makes up the family


[Timbo King]
Royal Famous
Family jewels
Family values

As the sun rises, heat rays strikes delight geysers
Vision makes me see all snakes through their disguises
Who's the wisest? You'll be under, we'll be overstanding
The four devils don't exist in our cipher
I'm after Fika, free from dumb, true enlighter
Knowledge provider, my limitation is above water
These are the days of the last quarter
Staying in tune, observing all aspects of life
Intelligent minds building electrical powerlines
Magnetic attracts metal made of steel
Disconnect the internet, burn corporate seals
Gods your shield, when we fight against Satan
Allah you Akbar, time for revelations
I bomb nations who deal with paganism
False teaching, we here to civilize a whole region
Writin exact, my brain contains inner, outer tissues
While you be popping pistols, we be launching nuclear missles
Crimson Tide, we react like Denzel
Murder verses creating more bars than in jail
Creating more bars than in jail

[Chorus x2]
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