We're tied up too tight, let the pressure out
Sit down and let yourself unwind
Too tight, today's behind and tomorrow is
One more drink away

You've been making assumptions and false claims
Accusing everyone of not pulling their weight
Well, wait a minute sir, we're all just part of the game
Just a pawn in the mix, they'll never listen to what you say
Can you hear me? We ain't got nothing to prove
It's the root of the evil, it's the fact and the truth
So listen up man, cause I can't listen to you
I'm gonna set me straight, but you keep talking

You are telling me it's not that bad

Back down, cause I can't hear a word you say now
It all disappeared when you started screaming so loud
Down to the ground is where you're driving us now
Just a train with the weight of the world on himself
So stop, and take a breathe man, don't let it go to your head
You're becoming what you hated and you can't understand
We're you're headed or where it all began
Well, I can tell you where it's ending, unless you change
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Too Tight Lyrics

Royal City Riot – Too Tight Lyrics