Keep your eyes on the prize boy, she's not so far away
You got the style and grace to make her forget her evil ways
She's got that swagger, cause she knows she's been on top
She's got them staring and you're just another poor slob
She gets whatever she wants from them, it's like a joke
She calls and they come crawling

She crash down like a tidal wave
Rolling over a town, nobody's safe from her (Woah ay oh oh)
Once you see her face you just can't forget
You might want to, but your mind is set on her (Woah ay oh oh)

But don't forget you've got time boy, to sway her your own way
You got that devilish grin that makes her think
We're all just sinners at the end of the day
You walk with swagger cause you know just what she wants
She starts to notice that you're more than just a poor slob
She starts to flaunt that face and it will haunt you till the end of your days
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(She's A) Tidal Wave Lyrics

Royal City Riot – (She's A) Tidal Wave Lyrics