A rolling stone, it rolls home now and then
You gotta move it on, back to your home
You got a girl back home who missing all the love that you bring
I bet you miss her too man, do the right thing

Cause it ain't hard to understand
We come from a place unlike any other land
The places I've been and the people I've meet
The island it holds those things I'll never forget

Go back to where you belong
Take all you've learned back to your home
Don't try to tell us that you don't miss all the love that they bring
I bet you miss it too man, do the right thing

They say, can we make it out of here alive?
We say, sure, we've done it half a million times
Cause the sun is always brighter on the other side
Long Island, we're going under tonight
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Paumanok Lyrics

Royal City Riot – Paumanok Lyrics