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What I Look Like Lyrics

Roscoe – What I Look Like Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah (This is Scoedelic)
We don't play games
We take game to spray flames (Y. A.)
Now what I look like?
Some type of lame or somethin'?
And look like niggaz thinkin' it's a game or somethin'?
Givin' me that look like what's your angle cousin?
I look left, look right, might be danger comin'
Verse One:
What I look like, if not a million dollars?
Bazillion stages and a billion hollas
What I look like, pushin' that new Impala?
Without 22's on it, is that a true baller?
What up with you baller? What cha bank book look like?
But here's another question: What I look like?
I been around the world Japan to Amsterdam
Spins around the world expandin' that's the plan
Radio Scoe with da radio flow
Rakin' in the dough, blazin' drough
What I look like anything less than three X's?
What I look like anything less than three Tec's?
(Hook: 2x, with variations)
Verse Two:
Now what I look like?
Eddie Cane or somethin'?
Like I don't spit flames or somethin'?
(The way you gratin on me)
Damn, it's like you know me by name or somethin'
Take a picture put it in a frame or somethin'
What I look like? A bird brain or somethin'?
I can see it in your eyes y'all came for somethin'
Your stories are all faulty, you're changin' somethin'
You must want some of my Mary Jane or somethin'
Numbskullz too much novocaine or somethin'
Get left with numb skulls migraines, concussions
And you can see it in me, Gotti trained me somethin'
Like Bin Laden Saadam Hussein or somethin'
I'm known for causin' spontaneous combustion
Constantly jumpin' thru miscellaneous subjects
Actin' like you all insane or somethin'
Get wet like you ain't potty trained or somethin'
(Hook: 2x)
Verse Three:
What I look like comin' out droppin' floppin'
Girl what I look like, stoppin' and jockin'
You're best day you might catch me hoppin'
A 4 pancaking, no hand wavin'
Now here go the Feds, you know the routine
You see that blue and red, it ain't no red or green
Only a little lean up on the gasoline
Say hello to my little friend with the little beam
Now imagine me not saggin'
Not packin' a magnum
What I look like?
Now imagine me takin' a bad one
To the pad with no magnums
What I look like?
I can't imagine me gettin' out rapped
It won't never happen
Fool what I look like?
I keep it crackalackin'
I'm all about them plaques and figures
I'm a platinum nigga
(Hook: 2x)
What I look like? What? Huh?
What I look like? What?
What I look like? Nigga
What I look like? Gettin married
Young Assassins
Dungeon Family
Roscoe on record
Yeah, Rico
Sleepy I see you
Roscoe Records
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Songwriters: David Williams, Patrick Brown, Raymond Murray, Rico Wade
What I Look Like lyrics © ROYALTY NETWORK

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