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Trouble Lyrics

Roscoe – Trouble Lyrics

Alright lets do this
Yeah J-Weezy Bozzy J Well
Young Sco Cal Holmes
We About to do it real big
Take it somewhere we ain't never took it to before
[Verse 1: Roscoe]
I just rolled up in my Benzo
I just rolled up some of that you-know
I just popped out of nowhere like whaddaya-know
And I ain't going nowhere you know
Y'all don't know half of my scenario
I got niggas all up in my cereal
And don't know if it's Applejacks or Cheerios
Y'all don't hear me though
It ain't no clothes in your ear to scope
See I just took over your stereo
18 year old college material
Puttin Philly on the map, philly on my cap
The imperial superior
And all the skirts wanna give it to Sco
Till these shirts mix skirts wanna give it to Sco
Stick works skinny work
But I'd rather have a fatter
If she pay em like she weigh em give it to Sco
[Chorus: Roscoe] 2x
See me my crew aint- nothing but trouble
And we be coming through like- nothing but trouble
And niggaz tell us we ain't- nothing but trouble
Especially me I ain't- nothing but trouble
[Verse 2: Roscoe]
Yeah Philly in the house, Philly in this mount
Fitted on perfect, vest on the surface
I did it on purpose, fresh out the circus
I spit it so murderous, I'm crazy
Going through a tough time, got me sippin JD
Seeing in 3-D, see me in a G3
Coastin postin roast it toast it off
E & J G & J
I hit the VMAs with THC
All in my DNA I'm B-A-D
Till the bone with the chrome
Once again it's on
Club hoppin once we in the zone
Misbehave and start trouble
Dippin smashin Y-A'in it up
[Verse 3: Roscoe]
I rock the party that rocks the body
Me Young Gotti we rock the party
Now we all in the cleezy no ideezy
Young Sco Gotti help me somebody
High loaded fly molded
Fry floatin shining glowing
Signing flowing rising blowing
Crackin poppin stackin dropping
Platinum product alive in your ride up
For all my survivors and riders
We gets wasted faded
Nice today enough for the rest of the night
Triple XT but my vest just right
Tech to my right with my neck full of ice
I'ma link up with you later, aight?
Take it or leave it I'm a playa for life
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