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Head To Toe Lyrics

Roscoe – Head To Toe Lyrics

Man Pass that, what
[Chorus: Sleepy Brown]
Cuz' that's they lace (From head to toe)
Got the three will motion (Sick and so low)
Such a good feeling (and I'm so high)
I blow my smoke in the sky (Caught up against the crack)
[Verse 1: Roscoe]
Low key og', it's Roscoe the soto
I'm blowin dodo on a low low, duckin from the popo
I'm known to hit the city traffic Grippin the millimatic for static
Catch me up all up ya' Bentley jackin'
Your stereo system drillinatics
When I'm open for the law Through it all,
We deliquents Yeah A-wall and juvi hall
With a stink cent, from chronic dogg
Through out my car, thc all through all my cigar
With a drink bent, about to vomit all over the yard
My loose spits freely roamin' the reservoir
My tooth chipped, now I spit better bars
My crew sick, persuing the stars and to shoe fits
We're not the ones to hate on a fool with on-ones
The wrong young guns to screw with
We assasins, from head to toe
Stay in tune with, ball with us, it's Russian rulette
[Bridge: Sleepy Brown]
Hey, the way I feel, I like smoking
Ah hurry up showty', roll the joint
Oh work it out little mama
Let me see your ass scrub the floor
And ohh lord, the straigh henessey hit me in the spot
And ohh lord, party like it's the last day you got
[Verse 2: Roscoe]
Yeah, they call me young sco' goodie
Dungeon Family, from atl to la all day and philly philly
See me dippin' with my Eastside thugs and my Westside gangstas
Get with the perty mild, reppin' the dirty south
Roscoe, Keko, Rico, Sleepy and Cee-lo
Yeah, we rollin' Geo's on the d-lo in g-mode
Now this is what sounds like, when the g's cry
We ease up, speed by ya, and squeeze fire
I'm bicostal don, I'm off the wire, in all bulletproof attire
Until the day I retire,
Me and bro, we share two heeps and one vest
We keep em' underneath the seat,
So come test the young jack rabbit, with a bad habbit
The jab rabbit, rap addict
Ever since I first took a stab at it
Up in the lab slash attic
With the studio set up, and the walls padded
[Chorus:] - repeat 2X into fade
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