Cigarette burns on my night stand
That's alright, but you know I don't smoke.
Funny stories that you tell me,
And you never used to like to tell a joke.
After shave on my dresser
It seems odd, cause it's not the brand I use.
I found a bottle in the cupboard
And wouldn't you know it's not my kind of booze.

One and one make three
You plus him and me
I never was too good at addition
But any poor fool could see the condition
That one and one make three
One and one make three, you plus him and me.

From time to time I have to leave
I've got a show tomorrow night in Aberdeen, South Dakota
I'll bet when I get home
I'll find things layin round I've never seen.
Cause you're the kind that never could relate to me
The troubles on your mind.
So I guess I'll pack it up
And find someone who loves me all the time.

One and one make three
You don't give a damn for me.
So, I'll be headin on my way
I shoulda done it yesterday
I hope some day you'll see
That one and one ain't free
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One And One Make Three Lyrics

Ron Shaw – One And One Make Three Lyrics